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We love LOST a little too much
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[-]W E L C O M E

to our community, LOSTnerds, a community for crazy kids who love LOST. It's run by </a></b></a>ohappyfair and </a></b></a>okydokypokey. This

community is member's only so you must add the community to your friends list. Thanks.

[1] e p i s o d e s
[2] h o t m e n
[3] g r a p h i c s / i c o n s
[4] t h e o r i e s
[5] a n y t h i n g e l s e


[1] You MUST be hot to join. But we are all hot so it's okay.

[2] If you don't pass the LOST test, please leave immediately. Thanks.

[3] Post what you thought after every episode. Dude you have a week it's not that hard.

[4] Don't act like you're in middle school or I'll kick you out and/or kill you.

[5] Post pictures for us to enjoy and drool over every so often. Come on, do it.


The Application

Sex(ual Healing):
Favorite Lost Character?:
Favorite Lost Episode?:
Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself:
Honestly, Did You Laugh During Hurley's Flashback When His Friend Said "Suckshaft"?:
Are You Annoying?:
Your Take On Desmond:
What's Your Theory:
Why Did They Push The Button:
Do You Think It's Creepy That Locke Dated Peg Bundy:
Why Should We Let You In:
POst at least 2 hawt pictures of yourself for our tree picture and own viewing pleasure:

Also, to ensure that you actually watch Lost, and aren't just saying you do to look cool...

The Quiz

1. Did Kate and Sawyer kiss? Seriously let us know, Kristina didn’t see that episode.
2. Do you write awkward slash fan fiction?
3. Can the asian guy really speak English?
4. Has someone died? Who?
5. What did Kate do…?
6. Where is Desmond from?
7. Alright toughest question: Who’s the hottest?
8. Do you have the first season of Lost on DVD? Can we borrow it?
9. Your favorite line?
10.What is the monster?
11.What’s Kristina and Vikki's favorite word from LOST?
12.What are the numbers?
13.Boone and Shannon: What do you think? Lovers, brother and sister?
14.Kate and Sawyer or Kate and Jack?
15.Who’s the biggest bitch?

Now fill out these two simple tests, post them in a new post on the lostnerds community, and

wait for us to decide if we like you or not. Put everything behind a cut with a silly quote as

the cut text. Thanks.

Lastly, once you're in the communy, you can vote on the new people's applications and decide if they are worthy to be in our community. In the subject line of your comment, put accepted or denied and give adequate reasoning for either response.


[-]L A Y O U T

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