Victoria (okydokypokey) wrote in lostnerds,

Alright. So as we all know tommorrow is wednesday. Not only is it America's Next Top Model, (or as I like to call it, orgasm to Nigel Barker's face hour) and...LOST!!!! Lets discuss tommorrows episode, shall we?

SO apparently we're going to meet all the other bitches from the back of the bus... I mean plane. Funny story, I dont care. All I care about is that the black chick and Bernard meet eachother and possibly get some action. That would be hella hot. But then she'd have to die. Because we all know if you're a girl, and you get sex, you have to die. And Ana Lucia? She can go back to where she came from, damn whore. I don't care if she lost her kid or her poodle or whatever. Bitch. Hopefully we won't have to start all the way back at the beginning and see all the shit happen again. Kuz seriously, who can deal with that? Not me. But apparently a week from tommorrow the two "tribes" (shit its like survivor) meet, and we might get to see/hear something about Desmond. So yeah...Oh and the episode is 65 minutes long tommorrow! Woo that extra 5 minutes is hella important...
Talk amongst yourselves
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