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Everything is about to change [entries|friends|calendar]
We love LOST a little too much

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[ Tuesday
November 2005 7:58am


Alright. So as we all know tommorrow is wednesday. Not only is it America's Next Top Model, (or as I like to call it, orgasm to Nigel Barker's face hour) and...LOST!!!! Lets discuss tommorrows episode, shall we?
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Kristina's Application [ Wednesday
November 2005 9:56am



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[ Wednesday
November 2005 10:00am



OK well Kristina's doing it...and I just want to be like her.

The Application
With you brotha...slashity slash slash slash!Collapse )

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[ Wednesday
October 2005 4:14pm


Alright My Bitches.
I have gotten the layout closer to where it should be.

Dear New Members:
Fill out the application
Take the Quiz
We'll let you know if you make it...
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