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OK well Kristina's doing it...and I just want to be like her.

The Application
Name: Vikki
Age: 17
Sex(ual Healing): I own a vagina
Gay?: sexually, no happy, yes
Favorite Lost Character?: DESMOND TO THE MAX
Favorite Lost Episode?: Season 2 Episode 1
Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself: Alright well, I work at Supercuts.  I have 3 cats, one of which is named Anderson Cooper.  I have Survivor and Hells Kitchen partys when they come on.  I love men with accents, and who are at least older than 30.  Also, bolagarains are amazing.  I adore my friends who are crazy and weird like me.  I have a shopping problem and when I see pictures of MAC makeup, I get sexually excited.  I love coffee and carbs.  And journalism.  I love France, I went there and I cant wait to go back.  Oh and I talk about sex.  A lot.  If you dont like it, get over yourself now.  K? k.
Honestly, Did You Laugh During Hurley's Flashback When His Friend Said "Suckshaft"?: Really really hard
Are You Annoying?: God NO!
Your Take On Desmond: Fucking hot bitch who I want to hump in the shower.  Seriously, if I was there, I'd be like "no Jack theres nothing in the hatch, but I'll saty down here for a couple hours" and then we'd bang.  But I do think there's more to him.  Either he's an angel sent from God or he's in on this whole secret hatch thing.
What's Your Theory: Ok so this is what I'm thinking: It's the basics of a SIM game.  They were put there for a reason.  The plane was supposed to crash and all that crap.  And now, they just have to survive.  The Hatch was made by Locke, and he's a spy for the people who made the "Lost" game.  OK I dunno if this making sense to you, but it is to me.  I think that Desmond screwed up their plan, and they have to get rid of him now.  He wasnt meant to be in the game.  Now, he is, and he's screwed.  Either that or they all share some weird crazy secret that they all have to go to hell for. 

Why Did They Push The Button: Because they didnt want to blow up.  Also, if they wouldnt have, then desmond would have to stay there and continue pushing it.
Do You Think It's Creepy That Locke Dated Peg Bundy: Yeah, seriously she's dating down for that.
Why Should We Let You In: Kuz I'm a mod.  duh!
Post at least 2 hawt pictures of yourself for our tree picture and own viewing pleasure:

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