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Kristina's Application

Name: Kristina
Age: 17
Sex(ual Healing): Female
Gay?: Nope, sorry.
Favorite Lost Character?: Arnst (That dude who got blown up by dynamite). No but seriously, I really like Saywer. He's an asshole but he adds so much to the show. Plus he seems to have some serious unresolved sexual tension going on with more than one other character...
Favorite Lost Episode?: The last episode of season one. That was such an intense episode, with finding the hatch and the raft running into the pirates and Walt getting taken away.... awww I went so crazy all summer waiting to find out what happened.
Tell Us A Little Something About Yourself: I spend pretty much every day in my Editorial Leadership class doing silly things like making this community instead of working on the school newspaper, I enjoy acting and pretty much live in my school's auditorium, I have an unexplainable affinity for Harry Potter and LOST, and I like dressing pretty and taking pictures with my friends. I like cheesecake and olives, and orange juice mixed with sprite. Yep.
Honestly, Did You Laugh During Hurley's Flashback When His Friend Said "Suckshaft"?: I'm still laughing.
Are You Annoying?: Not usually. But if you're annoying, I'm outta here.
Your Take On Desmond: He's craaazy. I'd push his button.
What's Your Theory: I think the back enders are going to try to eat the front enders. Actually, I used to have good theories but the last episode (before the ridiulous 3 week break) ruined them all for me. Basically I think Walt will come back, SOMEONE is a cannibal, and honestly I have no idea which girl is going to die next episode.
Why Did They Push The Button: Dude are you kidding me? That's so scary I would have pushed the button too.
Do You Think It's Creepy That Locke Dated Peg Bundy: A little bit, yeah. I liked LOST more before it had famous people. Except for cute little Merry of course.
Why Should We Let You In: Because I made this community, bitches.
Post at least 2 hawt pictures of yourself for our tree picture and own viewing pleasure:

me as a pirate

me as a princess

me being hot


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